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9 July, 2017


doubledrive24, subway06


sharingan06, breederandmechanic07, youkai17

number guess:

doubledrive01, eastandwest10


affectionate03, support06, eastandwest19

lucky match:

tyranny01, almosthumans01, inspiration06, c-uke


elemental18, hearts03

wheel (blue):

forgiveness21, shinra24, chefs17, c-seme


destiny03, lovehate21, military11

xs and os:

martialarts07, defenders16


mentor01, guardians09

pick a prince:

d1813, sonsofsatan09, executioners24, pirateslove17

doubles exchange:

affectionate03, affectionate07, annihilate03, annihilate22, beasts07, beasts07, betrayal09, bitethesky01, bitethesky01, breederandmechanic05, childhood01, commonwealth16, contract05, contract06, contrast11, decade10, defenders09, destiny09, detectives18, determination06, determination10, digital09, dogtags04, doubledrive06, doubledrive06, doubledrive24, eastandwest16, eccentric15, eternalblizzard03, exorcists16, fugitives04, guardians07, guardians07, guardians15, humptydumpty24, innocence10, jinchuuriki23, lightandshadow05, luckycharm02, melody19, niji10, nishiura02, promise23, redpirates02, righteye13, rolemodel09, rolemodel11, roommates18, shinigami02, subway06, trainers01, watergun19


devilduo17, superhusbands08, elemental20, littlebird03, gemini08, loveprize08, divine17, arpeggio04, paladinanddemon25, pioggia01, eccentric11, ncd15, divine23, determination13, pog02, shield13, crests06, celestial23, princeandknight01, knightanddragoon05, fiances11, righteye02, ojousknights17, fiances15, tragicpast20, affectionate08, separation09, violence10, swimclub15, foxes25, parents04, betrayers05, chained11, beasts02, movingforward04, spiritualchain20, opposites05, trance05, foxhound25, prisoners13, youkai19, kitsune02, damaged21, accomplices18, triplecrusher25, varia21, artschool23, digital06, shinra05, alliance04, pog19, princes16

mastered puppylove:

superhusbands20, wolves18, trainingnight19, lovevoid25, gunmen20

mastered superhusbands:

graduates07, graduates22, divorce10, nightbird13, pyrokinetics13

23 June, 2016

wishes (05/08):

bloodoath05, objection08

Heart Shoppe (Card Pack #01):

pendant23, melody19, determination16

Heart Shoppe (Card Pack #02):

redstring17, contrast23, unexpectedfiance17, xbladers13, hospital13, humptydumpty24

Heart Shoppe (Card Pack #03):

masterandpet22, rolemodel11, artists13, archetypes07, sauna23, splitting14, northandsouth19, ncd12, roommates11

Heart Shoppe (Card Pack #06 x5):

mf-seme01, naonobohra05, naonobohra07, yamatonase01, yamatonase15

Heart Shoppe (Key):


free cards (sun and rain):

graduates06, cucumber09, superhusbands19, harem01, songwriter10, bloodoath07, heroes01, okama20, objection02, naonobohra08

mastered enemies:

puppylove12, puppylove19, judgement06, gunblade04, architect19